Private Training Programs

Private Jiu-Jitsu lessons are available for adults and children by appointment. These one-on-one lessons are an effective way for beginners to jump start their introduction to the arts, or the experienced martial artist to take their game to the next level. Private classes fit your specific training goals and your schedule. Contact us directly for availability and scheduling.


Jitsurf Kali-The Art of the Flow

Filipino Kali-Eskrima is Professor Lund’s first art which he began training in 1990. He has taken his years of study with Guro Burton Richardson, Guro Mark Mikita & Guro Dan Inosanto and blended it with over 30 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to create a functional and flow-based curriculum. Private students drill a variety of techniques and then pressure test the material in each lesson. Each private lesson is structured similar to a Jiu-Jitsu class with a series of techniques drilled and then brought into Randori (light sparring). This pressure testing Randori is crucial for developing the timing to apply the learned techniques against live resistance.

Rotating Class Curriculum
-Entering the Art Through Sumbrada
-Double Stick Drill & Randori
-Single Stick Drill & Randori
-Stick & Dagger Drill & Randori
-Double Dagger Drill & Randori
-Single Dagger Drill & Randori
-Empty Hand Panantukan Drill & Randori

The Kali Private Training Program is an on-going class that meets one day a week. Each class is a one-hour session of technical drilling and followed with Randori (light sparring). You will learn the art as it was traditionally taught, in a private setting, working directly with your teacher.

Absolutely no experience is needed to begin.

*This program is offered mornings and early afternoons. Space is limited to 12 weekly spots. Contact us for availability.


FREE Trial Class

The free trial class is an opportunity for you to experience our program first hand. After participating in your program of choice, there is no obligation to enroll, if you enjoyed the class and feel our Academy is right for you, then we can get you started.