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Jeet Kune Do/Kali Promotions

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Congratulations to Christopher Mecker, Dakota Murphy, Stephanie Bong, Cathy Peskuski, and Jason Foster on their recent Jeet Kune Do Kali Promotions with hana Martial Arts. Well-deserved everyone!



Marcelo Garcia Black Belt & NYC Academy Instructor Jonathan Satava

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  Fresh off his NO-GI Silver medal at the World Championships, Marcelo Garcia Black Belt and NYC Academy Instructor Jonathan Satava taught a workshop to a packed mat at Ohana. We would like to thank...

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Charuto Seminar & BJJ Belt Promotions

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We would like to thank Charuto for teaching an incredibly technical workshop and thank all the participants that came out to support it. Congratulations to the students promoted at the workshop, Carlos Perez (Blue), Derek Craig (Purple), Oliver...

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